Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Pouch

This week my plan would actually finishing some pending blouse project, but I attacked by boredom and need to refresh my sense with different new project. In the right time, my Mom ask me to wrapping brooches as gift that will be give to her friends. I accept that job, then immediately search the ideas. I didn't want only use the gift box... it was less creative...

After I ruffled my craft box .. I finally found the idea ... "Gift Pouch." Yap .. I'll make a pouch to pack the box and the materials I use are Spunbond. I decided to create a pouch that is simple but still cute looking. The process are as follows:
First, cut the material in rectangular by 18cm x 11cm (for box sized 4 x 5 x 2.5cm)
Sew the longer side with lace or ribbon
Fold the right sides material together. Sew along the raw edge. Then, turn the pouch, so the wrong side is inside.
Fold again the pouch, give mark in top side of pouch for hole.
Make hole with paper hole punches.
Fill The pouch with gift box, then tuck a ribbon in the pouch hole. And the last, make a nice bow.
Simple project but not that bad...