Monday, August 30, 2010

Rabbit Couple Felt Dolls

This week I try working with felt and in a sudden I got an idea to create a rabbit couple dolls...

I draw the pattern my self. If you like to make your own, just find the template here. The process are as follows:

First, prepare the basic tools & materials required, there are: felt (skin color), thread + needle, scissors, glue, and dacron. You can also prepare additional materials such as: embroidery/knitting yarn, beads, ribbons/lace, or flowers to fancy up the doll.

Second, trace the doll pattern onto the felt. For a doll, trace the body part 2 times. Then, cut out all the pieces.

Draw the face expression with water soluble marker. Then, stitch the face using backstitch. Add the ornaments, here I add a piece of black felt bow tie for the male doll and, crochet flower and lace for the female doll. You could also add blush on into the female's face to make it more dainty.

Put the body part together using blanket stitch. Leave the bottom side.

Stuff the body with dacron. You can use the help of a stick or the tip of scissors to insert dacron into the ear.

And the last, attach the bottom part using blanket stitch.

These felt dolls are really so quick and easy to make. They're great as wedding gift or decoration...