Thursday, October 8, 2009

10/8: Bad News

My machine has broken and I can't finish the ongoing projects.. HUaa.....
Need some repairment to make it work again, but I can't find people who can repair the old machine like mine.
Probably I should buy the new one...



  1. Hi.. visiting your blog.. alamak... Machine broken????

    All the best my fren.. ^_^

  2. Hello Dee... are you talking about your old classic sewing machine? I believe it's not a major down. My mom owns a 47 years old classic threadle sewing machine which is still working smoothly & the brand is Fort. Once, it was down for closed to 5 years.. I managed to get it works after I do some small maintenance (cleaning) and run on exercise mode after oiling it. Then do the stitch tension adjustment on both top & bottom and it continue operating for almost 23 years now.. amazing, right? I believe the same is happening to your classic threadle sewing machine... should try to work it out...

  3. @Zana Hassim @ Kak Lang: It was fascinating tips for beginner like me.. a great thanks for you. Last Sunday I try to maintain & do some adjustment like you suggested, fantastically it works.. the mess stitch has gone and it's beautifully straight..
    Thanks for sharing.. I love it.. :D

  4. Hello Dee... glad that my tips above did give you some help in resolving your threadle sewing machine problem.. Have a wonderful time with your sewing machine... Always treasure what you have...